Construction as a driver of FDI and economic growth

The Irish construction sector plays a crucial role in laying the groundwork for a smart economy that attracts and retains inward investment. Its exceptional expertise in creating modern, sustainable infrastructure is a key driver of this success. The contribution of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to the Irish economy is far reaching and it is estimated that 20% of all private sector employment in the State is directly or indirectly attributable to FDI. A recent success story of the Irish construction industry has been the growth if its strong global reputation for the development of data centres. The specific expertise held by Irish construction companies in building complex, secure facilities for big tech has positioned Ireland as a key player in the global construction market for high tech facilities and been an important factor in the success of Ireland’s digital economy. It has also been an important factor in the success of Ireland’s digital economy, underpinning Ireland’s ability to attract inward investment, foster economic growth, and advance technology.

This panel will discuss:

  • emergence of Irish construction as a key player in the global tech industry
  • emerging trends on construction for tech and future developments
  • how Ireland can harness this home-grown expertise to its full advantage to boost growth, jobs and productivity
  • experience of big tech companies in developing facilities in Ireland
  • importance of pro-enterprise policy and an attractive business environment to support our reputation as a great place to do business 
  • expediting critical infrastructure investments to futureproof FDI
  • developing and nurturing talent so that we remain an attractive destination for internationally mobile, highly skilled people
Technical Director Auto Desk Division, NTI Diatec
Managing Director, Dornan Group
Country Lead Ireland & Operations Director, Amazon Web Services
Managing Director- Data Centres, John Sisk & Son

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