David Purdon

Technical Director Auto Desk Division, NTI Diatec

David has been involved in the Implementation and Consulting on the Adoption of Technology for over 25 years with experience working firstly in the Furniture Design Sector, moving to Architectural technology to assisting with Digital technology Adoption in the Construction Industry for the last 9 years. David has worked in partnership with a vast array of companies across a wide range of design and construction projects, including Data Centres, Pharma Plants, Factories, and across housing and mixed use developments. Heavily involved in industry bodies in regards the technology adoption areas around BIM implementation and Digital Strategy Development. He is a Technologist at heart and loves seeing technology used to the best of its ability in helping customers get more value from it.He has worked in roles such as Visualization Specialist, BIM Implementation Consultant, Snr Technology Consultant and now, Technical Director. His main focus today is harmonizing technology solutions across a company and how tools like Automation, AR/VR can be adopted and add value to companies.

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