Delivering energy efficient, low carbon utilities and support infrastructure

The construction industry has a major role to play in facilitating the provision of energy efficient, low carbon infrastructure and utilities and support infrastructure. It has to support the industry to innovate to decarbonise the energy sector in order to contribute to a national target of zero net emissions of greenhouse gases in Ireland by 2050.  This panel will explore how the built environment needs to make the transition to energy efficiency now if we’re going to secure a better future for all:

  • how can we address the critical pillars of ESG, corporate sustainability obligations and develop business strategies, plans and actions?
  • how can we tackle the energy and environmental challenges of population growth?
  • how can we expedite the delivery of sustainable infrastructure whilst also decarbonising construction?
  • what are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to improve transportation infrastructure?
  • what tech innovations and key trends are shaping a greener future for construction?
Chair of CIF ESG Panel, CIF Vice President, MD, Clonmel Enterprises Ltd.
Head of ESG, CIF

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