Delivering a planning system that supports progress

Ireland reached a significant milestone in 2023, as its population exceeded five million people. This demographic shift carries profound implications for the country’s economic landscape, including labour force dynamics and infrastructure. Our economy is also thriving and last year, despite global challenges, it was the fastest growing in Europe, with GDP growth of 12.2%. These dynamics underscore the need for strategic planning and policy initiatives to ensure we can accommodate the growing nation, while fostering sustainable economic prosperity. 

  • how can we increase investment in the people, processes and technology that support the planning system. 
  • what are the challenges and opportunities for housing delivery in Ireland?
  • how can the Government prioritise its streamlining processes within planning and delivery bodies, so that we can expedite infrastructure and housing delivery?
  • what is the impact of the revised National Planning Framework (NPF)? 
  • reviewing the National Development Plan – is it reflective of the recent population growth and the inflationary pressures of recent years?
Acting Principal Planning Adviser, Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage
Director of Housing & Planning, Construction Industry Federation (CIF)
Director of Investment and Development, Respond
Managing Director, Tom Phillips + Associates

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